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Clean coils save you money and energy!
Patented Kleen-Screen keeps your coils clean year-around so your A/C can operate at peak efficiency, reducing wear,  saving energy and reducing your electric bills! 

 Debris Show
Protects your A/C from clogging debris!
The new Kleen-Screen stops grass clippings, lint, pet hair, dandelion, milkweed, cottonwood, insects, and other airborne debris from getting drawn into your coils and restricting the air flow. Clogged coils make your A/C run longer cycles, which increases wear, wastes energy, and costs you money!

Installs in minutes with only scissors!
The unique Kleen-Screen System custom fits to your A/C condenser unit, adjusting to fit coil areas up to 39” tall x 120” around!  Installation takes only minutes using scissors with the easy step-by-step instructions. (Click to View)

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Kleen-Screen Installation  Custom Fitted Wrap-Around Filter with Easy Magnetic Mounting

Clogged Coils Waste Money!  Clogged Coils Cost You Money While Increasing A/C Wear.
Easy to Clean!  With Kleen-Screen on Your Coils, Debris Brush or Rinse Right Off!



From the Federal Energy Management Program an informative Fact Sheet: "Actions You Can Take to Reduce Cooling Costs"

Earth Friendly Product

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"I love my Kleen-Screen!"    --Allison Lake, OK


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