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On this page we post comments and photos from customers who want to share their outstanding Versa Lift installations.  If you have a unique or unusual installation and want to share it, please click on the "Contact" button above and tell us about it! 


Click to EnlargeThanks for sending the new switch assembly and detailed instructions.  The Versa Lift operates like a charm! …Everyone who has seen the lift in operation loves it.  I wish I had installed it when I built this home 10 years ago!

PS:  Here are some photos that I took this afternoon

- Michael O’Conner, Mississippi   


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The (detached) Garage itself was a brainchild of my wife and I about 3 or 4 years ago when we decided we needed more dedicated garage space.

…The garage planning was well underway when I was at a home/garden show just outside of Baltimore in the spring… It immediately caught my eye, and I grabbed all the literature I could get.  I was impressed… and saw that you had a larger lift.  It was a perfect size.  The builder was enthusiastic as well, since he likes the idea of something novel to show to other clients (plus being a guy, a cool lift for the garage is inherently appealing). 

…I would say my son and I took 4-6 hours to build it and mount it.  Obviously, I'm not counting the time the builder took to cut the hole in the floor, but clearly, that was not that much time, perhaps 2 hours total. 

The area where the lift goes up to is dedicated storage for furniture, paint, construction material, whatever is large and needs to be stored.  The garage itself holds a 3rd car and all my lawn & garden equipment. 

…Putting it together was quite easy and actually fun.  I can't say I had any problem, although I didn't realize the cleverness of the platform and how it was designed to stretch to be flush with both the floor and ceiling.  Very clever. 

All in all, I love it.  I've moved all manner of stuff up there.  My daughter stored her college dorm stuff over the summer in a neat pack that went right on the platform.  I was out of town when my wife took her back to school, and all she did was back the van in put it on the platform of the Versa Lift, lower it and put it in the van.  Really convenient. 

--Tom Krotchko   

The VersaLift was the perfect solution to keeping my
garage/shop neat and tidy. It was easy to assemble and install and simple to operate. An experienced DIY'er, it took me less than half a day to have it up and running. It is very sturdy and easily lifts a 200 pound load. In one
afternoon, I completely cleared my garage of the countless items cluttering both bays and moved them to the storage space above. Before the VersaLift, both
our vehicles had to be parked outside. With the VersaLift, it's easy to maintain plenty of room for both cars while equally easy to access anything I might need from the attic above.

Jim Blackburn, North Carolina

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